We’ve put together a few answers to some of our customers’ most frequently asked questions. Have a question we haven’t answered yet? Just send an email to sales@akfoamtech.com and we’ll get you an answer right away.

You can send us an email describing the purpose of the foam that you need and our sales team will assist you in choosing the right foam your needs. It is always better to have a sample of what you are looking for if possible.

Yes we do provide delivery for small and big orders. Deliveries within Sharjah and Dubai can cost upto AED 50 depending on the quantity of the order and deliveries to Abu Dhabi can cost from AED 85 and above.

If the goods are in stock and no processing is required then within 24 working hours. If clients require custom cut foam then anywhere from 48-72 hours depending on how busy our work schedule is.

Our costing depends on the size and model of the case and also what kind of equipment you need. We have a wide range of foams from low-cost to high-durability. It is always best to bring in your equipment to our workshop and we can quote you how much it will cost to have foams customised.

Our design team will make CAD designs of the foam insert and verify it by sending it you so you can approve it to go for processing.

We have a huge database of items with all their specifications.   If, for some chance, we don’t have your item in the database, we would request to borrow your equipment for measurements physically for better results.

If there is a mistake done by AKFoamtech for any designs then we will take full responsibility and make a new insert. Foams in general are always prone to wear and tear depending on its usage so that is why AKFoamtech does not have any warranty on these. Our team does a thorough test of the fitting of the foams based on the equipment provided so the inserts are not damaged after a few days of usage.

For the most professional results, our foam is custom cut using steel rule dies. Die cutting foam is the most precise way to get a clean smooth cut, unlike a water jet machine, which leaves ridges along the cut. Die cutting is essentially a cookie cutter method that utilizes a hydraulic press machine and cookie cutter like dies made of steel that are sharpened to a razor blade finish.  Unlike other manufacturers who charge a tooling or service charge for die cutting, we do not.