Acoustic Foams

Acoustic Foams for Noise Control

Acoustic Foam Composites. Image shows a number of rectangular layered acoustic foam composites. Various foam-facings have been used - the topmost block shows a blue felt facing on a grey acoustic foam base.

Acoustic & Sound-proofing Foams for Noise Reduction & Absorption

AK Foamtech supply a wide range of technically engineered acoustic foams and damping foam products with excellent sound absorption properties that are ideally suited for noise control and soundproofing in various environments and applications.

Our Service – Acoustic Foam Product Development & Manufacture

Given a brief explanation of our customer’s noise control requirements, such as the application environment and sound reduction goals, we can provide expert advice in the manufacture of acoustic and soundproofing foam products. We assists customers in the product development process, by recommending and sourcing the optimal acoustic materials, and providing the technical manufacturing support essential to achieving the desired level of acoustic performance.

Profiled Acoustic Foam - image shows dark grey soundproofing foam (2lb, UL94HF1)

Foam Conversion Techniques

Our technical staff have expertise in sound reduction foam techniques and in the acoustic properties of a wide range of soundproofing and damping materials. Acoustic foams, foam-based materials, and acoustic fabrics can be supplied with various optional front facings, finishes or backings.

Acoustic Composites

As a foam converter, we also manufacture multi-layered acoustic composites that have been specifically tailored to our customer’s requirements. Heavy-layer acoustic barriers (including EVA and Vinyl-based barriers) can be integrated into multi-layered acoustic composites, and supplied with or without self-adhesive backing. Acoustic foam composites can be custom finished as die-cut parts, to within strict manufacturing tolerances. Die-cutting is the process of vertically cutting shaped parts from sheets of materials.

Acoustic Foam-based Materials Range

Foam Conversion UK offer a wide range of specialist noise reduction foams and acoustic materials including the following most popular acoustic foam-based products:

Soundproofing Material




Melamine (Basotect®)


Semi-rigid, low-density melamine resin-based acoustic foam.

Class ‘O’ (Low Flammability)

Polyether T22


Flexible, medium-density (22Kg/m3) acoustic foam.


Polyether T29


Flexible, medium-density (29Kg/m3) acoustic foam.


Polyester S30

Charcoal Grey

Flexible, medium-density (30Kg/m3) acoustic foam.

UL94 HF1 (Low Flammability)

Polyester S60

Charcoal Grey

Flexible, heavy-density (60Kg/m3) acoustic foam.

UL94 HF1 (Low Flammability)

Impregnated Foams


Semi-rigid, various density, post-treated acoustic foams.

Variable up to Class ‘O’ (Low Flammability)

Superseal Foams


Flexible, medium-density. Forms airtight seal under compression.


Typical Applications for Acoustic Foams

We provide a wide range of acoustic foam and damping material products suitable for a range of markets and noise reduction applications, including:

  • Mechanical, Automotive and Motor Noise Reduction – such as Damping Enclosures
  • HVAC and Building Duct Noise – such as Air Conditioning Units
  • IT Hardware – such as Computer, Printer and Server Noise Reduction Cases
  • Building Noise Reduction – such as Office and Domestic Noise Reduction Screens
  • Audio & HiFi – such as Speaker Units and Loudspeaker Fronts and Facings
  • Anechoic Chamber & Audio Room Soundproofing – including Anechoic Wedges, Sound Absorbers, and Acoustic Ceiling Tiles
  • Broadcast Audio Equipment

Foam Facings & Backings

We offer a range of polyeurathane (PU) acoustic foams with facings designed to help enhance the absorbent properties of the foam. Below is a list of some of the facings we can offer:-

  • Perforated Vinyl Facing
  • PVC/Neoprene Spray-coated Film Facing
  • Looped Nylon/Velour Facing
  • Aluminised Films & Aluminium-based Foil Facing
  • Polyurethane Film Facing
  • Single-sided Self-Adhesive Backing (with release paper)
  • Double-sided Tape Adhesive Backing (Rubber or Acrylic based with release paper)