Years of experience with the manufacture and design of Technical Foams and Sponge Rubber products

AK Foamtech help you choose, source and engineer the right foam solution for your own product and needs. We offer you friendly and experienced advice on both foam selection and engineered solutions to problems. We work as a partnership with our large client base and carefully selected quality foam manufacturers. We specialise in Technical Foams including PE Foam, EVA, PVC Foam, PU (Polyurethane) Foam and also foam conversion. We produce foam products for a range of industries and market sectors, and our foams are used in everything from Medical to  Industrial applications, to the Building and Construction industry.

Our ability is being able to take your idea from initial concept through development to full production stage, using our knowledge of foams and processing techniques. We also have the ability to produce low cost bespoke proto-type foam for approval.


Our Core Foam Range

We supply foams and sponge rubber to a number of differing industries. In addition to supplying all regular products as you would expect, we are also able to design and supply bespoke  foams to your requirements, and have the ability to produce low cost proto-types for approval. We regularly produce new foams for the market, and are specialists in developing new foams specific to your needs.

Open and Closed Cell Foams

Open Cell and Closed Cell Foams are used for different purposes, and each provides different qualities. All foams are produced by the formation of bubbles within a particular liquid. With a closed cell foam, the bubbles are encased entirely within the liquid and become impervious . With Open Cell Foams, the bubbles burst and connect together, forming a very breathable and soft end product.